Dies ist der zweite Teil einer dreiteiligen Reihe zum Einrichten eines selbst gehosteten, vom Internet aus zugänglichen, dockerisierten Data Science Stack.

  1. Reverse proxy: Træfik
  2. Git Repository Server: GitLab
    • Inklusive Mattermost
  3. Data Science Hub: JupyterHub

Alle Informationen zum Einrichten von GitLab findest du unter

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. This makes GitLab unique and makes Concurrent DevOps possible, unlocking your organization from the constraints of a pieced together toolchain.

What is GitLab? | GitLab

If you only want to download open source software Community Edition is the best choice. This distribution does not contain proprietary code. Functionally it will behave the same as Enterprise Edition without a license.

Note that in the future if you decide to move to Enterprise Edition, an upgrade is required and may require downtime.

Community Edition or Enterprise Edition | GitLab

As an alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings all your team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere. It’s written in Golang and React and runs as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT license with either MySQL or Postgres.

About | Mattermost