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b‑data GmbH is a company specialised in Data Science Services and Infrastructure.
Take advantage of our more than 15 years of experience with R to make your project a success!

Take a look at Olivier’s skills and professional experience on benz0li.b-data.io.

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Hosted RCloud

RCloud is an environment for collaboratively creating and sharing data analysis scripts. RCloud lets you mix analysis code in R, HTML5, Markdown, Python, and others. RCloud provides a notebook interface that lets you easily record a session and annotate it with text, equations, and supporting images.

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Below are the success stories of selected projects. More testimonials.

Data Science

We are interested in your specific use case, wherefore we offer a lean and tailor-made solution.
For a general introduction to Data Science, we recommend DataCamp.


R expertise
Databases with R (DBI, odbc)
Data Exploration (tidyverse)
Data Visualisation (ggplot2)

Probability Distributions (actuar, distr)
Time Series Analysis (zoo, forecast)
Machine Learning (caret, xgboost)

Git expertise
Reproducible Data Science with Git
Apply a successful Git branching model


We help building your own Data Science stack!

AWS, Microsoft Azure or on-premise
Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL
R, RCloud, RCloud RCAP
RStudio/Shiny Server
Git, GitHub, GitLab
Docker, Træfik

Every customer project is checked-in a Git repository. Credo: The code is yours.
Free access to our Data Science Infrastructure with RStudio Server and GitLab CE included.


Phone number
Switzerland: +41 44 586 30 72
Denmark: +45 65 74 47 72

Business hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00